Are you getting the kind of attention you want from all the people in your life?


Do you know that the kind of attention you got in your childhood lasts forever...until you intervene?

My work gives you the tools you need to get the kind of attention you want TODAY...

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"I've met scores of inspirational professional women in my 20 years of business and I have read numerous self-help books, but none were as inspirational, refreshing, and as wise as you." - C.R. Director of Corporate Real Estate, San Francisco

"What you're doing is very critical. Gently and people the opportunity to look at themselves in a different way." - Dr. J.C. Scottsdale, AZ

"You've given me the access to the tool that makes me aware of what it is that makes everyone tick." - L.P. Los Angeles





The Attention Factor® can be applied to all areas of life, developing interpersonal skills in the workplace, at home, at school...EVERYWHERE!

The Attention Factor® mission promotes global discussion about the vital importance of Positive Attention and the consequences when people don't get the kind of attention they need or want.



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