Are you getting the kind of attention you want?

-from your boss, doctors, dentists, lawyers, teachers?

-from your kids, parents, partners, friends, family get-togethers?

-from waiters, customer service representatives, ETC?

"Do you know why people feel good and feel bad?

I do.

And I can show you how to discover it too."


Learn how The Attention Factor ® can benefit you!




"I've met scores of inspirational professional women in my 20 years of business and I have read numerous self-help books, but none were as inspirational, refreshing, and as wise as you." - C.R. Director of Corporate Real Estate, San Francisco

"What you're doing is very critical. Gently and people the opportunity to look at themselves in a different way." - Dr. J.C. Scottsdale, AZ

"You've given me the access to the tool that makes me aware of what it is that makes everyone tick." - L.P. Los Angeles


The Attention Factor® can be applied to all areas of life, developing interpersonal skills in the workplace, at home, at school...EVERYWHERE!

The Attention Factor® mission promotes global discussion about the vital importance of Positive Attention and the consequences when people don't get the kind of attention they need or want.

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Attention: It's the
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