It's Holiday Time!!!  And you know what that means...

Food, Family... and STRESS!

Holidays can be full of wonderful family activities, cooking, story telling, gift giving, and for many of us… the time-honored tradition of driving each other up the wall.

Expectations are alive for all of us in old and new relationships, from past family events and even from earliest childhood memories of holiday excitement and disappointment. Maybe, you never got what you asked for, maybe your mother didn’t acknowledge your efforts enough to help out, maybe Uncle Jerry didn’t recognize you were a pre-teen and put you at the Children’s Table. These poignant memories can still cause us unresolved stress, because emotions live longer than reason.

Holiday seasons have always been times when disappointments run rampant.  But herein lies an opportunity to reconcile our expectations with reality.  Let’s increase our awareness of what we expect from others, and of what is expected from us

The kind of attention we get is the root cause of our feelings and our behavior.

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