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Has anybody in your life ever asked you what kind of attention you need?


Meet Alice Aspen March, inspirational author and motivational speaker, to discover greater personal empowerment and success in your life!


Do you even know what kind of attention you want and need?

Thousands of people around the world have already benefitted from the specialized communications techniques that Alice March teaches in The Attention Factor®.  



Alice has researched and written about attention for over 20 years, and has traveled around the world, giving presentations and workshops, working with diverse groups (including CEOs, teachers, nurses, Risk Managers, and Rotary Groups) to improve their work and personal lives.

Alice introduces you to 

Attention Dimension

It sounds so simple.  It is and it isn't, so why have most of us never heard about it?

In the two years that our group has been meeting, I have never seen these CEO’s so enthralled, engaged and reflective at any of our other discussions.
— F.S., President, Executive Renaissance Forums (Huntington Beach, CA)
Thank you for key-noting our State Conference and for conducting the seminars on The Attention Factor®. We have had some excellent feedback about your sessions. Not only can we apply your approach to children in our care, but to our fellow workers. IT WORKS! I personally changed my thinking in dealing with my son as a result of your trainings, and it has made a difference. Thank you again.
— D.D., VP, Arizona Child Care Association


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