Attention: Secrets for Making it in College and Beyond

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Attention: Secrets for Making it in College and Beyond

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A detailed handbook designed to help you be successful at college. Filled with valuable wisdom for incoming college freshmen and their parents.


"The book is terrific; I love the clarity of the layout and think it touches all appropriate topics. Wish I had it before my kids went to college!" - Nitai Reigler, mother of three

"Your messages are so strong, not just about preparing for college, but about preparing one for LIFE. I think many, many people beyond students would benefit from reading your book and hearing you speak. Parents definitely need to read this book. You should be proud of the wisdom you shared, and the creative gem that you are bringing to the world." - Gail Keuranen Jones, "Rescripting Success from Inside Out"

"Thank you for sending me your book. It's full of little logical gems that we so often overlook, especially in the chaos of college. I open it up when I'm overwhelmed by the college life, and it reminds me to take things a little easier." - Jake Winkelman, Tulane University