Hear Just a Few of the Wonderful Things People Have Said About Alice's Work

You’ve given me the access to the tool that makes me aware of what it is that makes everyone tick.
— L.P., Los Angeles
Since the program, so many people have thanked me for bringing you here. You touched everyone in the room! You should know that you had more than one third (about 30 out of almost 80) of the company in attendance—quite a feat, considering that attendance was optional and food was not provided!
— M.A., Publisher, Boardroom Bottom Line/Personal
I’ve met scores of inspirational professional women in my 20 years of business and I have read numerous self-help books, but none were as inspirational, refreshing, and as wise as you.”
— C.R., Director of Corporate Real Estate, San Francisco
What you’re doing is very critical. Gently and nicely...giving people the opportunity to look at themselves in a different way.
— Dr. J.C., Scottsdale, AZ
One of my teachers told me that he used the tools of your work the day after you were here and said that the results were remarkable. The student he was working with ‘went from tears to slowly opening up layer by layer, connecting the dots and finally reaching a self awareness in a totally different emotional state.’
— Khotso Khabele, Director Khabele School
Your messages are so strong, not just about preparing for college, but about preparing one for LIFE. You should be proud of the wisdom you shared, and the creative gem that you are bringing to the world.
— G.K.J., Intuitive Coach
Your passion and vision are inspiring and your work deserves the biggest audience possible. I appreciate the kind of courage it takes to chllenge the existing realities and do what is demanded for establishing something that didn’t exist before.
— B.G., Business Consultant
Alice Aspen March is a teacher from her own experience. She is an expert in public speaking, but more importantly, Alice’s message can change people’s lives. Alice is an amazing mentor whom I would recommend to the highest!
— D.H., Art Director and Video Producer
In an era when more distractions compete for our attention and multitasking is expected, the fight for paying attention has become more pervasive. This is all the more reason The Attention Factor® serves a vital role in improving the quality of everybody’s lives and that of their family and the community at large.
— J.F., Director, Growing Health Partnerships
Attention: Secrets of Making it in College andBeyond- this is an ideal book for parents and students embarking for college and life in general. This clearly laid out, effective overview of life’s important topics including, but not limited to, relationships, mentors, independence, money and choices.
— C.R.
Thank you for key noting our State Conference and for conducting the seminars on The Attention Factor. We have had some excellent feedback about your sessions. Not only can we apply your approach to children in our care, but to our fellow workers - IT WORKS! I personally changed my thinking in dealing with my son as a result of your trainings, and it has made a difference. Thank you again.
— D.D., VP, Arizona Child Care Association
Alice Aspen March has been a presenter at Rancho La Puerta, coming twice yearly. Our clients tend to be extremelly well educated, affluent, and very influential. They can be the toughest of critics and very uncompromising in their demand for top quality from our programming. Ms. March has been very well received by our guests.
— V.L., Program Director, Rancho La Puerta
I recommend these classes be taught to all levels of management. Everyone needs reinforcement of ideas and tools to use while working with and leading others.
— D.B., JBL Pro
I cannot tell you how many times, when I have faced a tricky situation, I stopped myself and thought about the attention issues and dynamics in the room. It sounds so small, and is yet so ENORMOUS a factor in everything we do. Your gift to me has been so very profound and is a blessing to me daily.
— R.N., IAF Certified Professional Facilitator
In the two years that our group has been meeting, I have never seen these CEO’s so enthralled, engaged and reflective at any of our other discussions.
— F.S., President, Executive Renaissance Forums
Since you sensitized me to The Attention Factor, I’ve been much more aware of the ways in which people in general, managers in particular, respond to the kind of attention they receive.
— J.M., CEO
It is rare that a program helps us professionally and personally. Yours truly does both.
— M.B., Director of Membership Development, YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles
You provided specific and important tools for stress reduction and for enhancing interpersonal relationships.
— Dr. R.M., Director of Behavioral Science, Santa Monica Hospital
Alice’s workshop was fine for me because I was one of those young people who drug themselves with cannabis. I have my younger sister who looks up to me, and she also did that. I was happy to understand the way that it works in the human mind. That’s why I found it not fun, but helpful for me and for what I will do with my sister.
— C.W., Student from the Congo at Brussels CALL School, Belgium
Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of learned wisdom with our parent body recently. The feedback has been great. Please let me know the schedule of your future speaking engagements.
— P.C., PTA President
Every once in a while we meet someone who touches our heart so deeply we are never the same. You are that person to me.
— J.R., Los Angeles, CA
Our district has received over 15 requests for more information regarding your presentation in San Francisco last month. You did an outstanding job of getting your message across.
— H.W., District Superintendent, Valley Center Union School District (San Diego, CA)
Finally I want to thank you very much for giving me such wonderful and much appreciated attention. You gave me a valuable gift: self-awareness and the key to changing my life for the better. I will always remember you.
— R.F., Toronto, Canada
During her presentation to the Child Development Specialists and our school community, she was able to bring out the most emotional and cognitive statements on television and the parenting experience. The parents at my school talked about her presentation for many weeks after.
— T.C., Van Nuys, CA
Your presentation was thought-provoking. It did challenge all of us, especially faculty, to consider to what extent we meet some of the needs of the school’s mission statement: ‘to educate young people to be responsible, caring, etc. members of a democratic community.’ It was helpful to reflect on the quality of intra-faculty relationships - do we pay sufficient daily attention to our colleagues?
It raised awareness and got a good faculty discussion going in small groups for the following week — that was great.
— G.U., EdD, Antwerp International School, Belgium
A quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation on the Power and Value of Attention at the Los Angeles County Wellness Council. I have used the tools presented to better communicate with my wife.
— W.S.D., Los Angeles, CA