The Attention Workbook

Many years ago, before I moved from Los Angeles to New York City, I created a Workbook, Attention: It’s the Problem – It’s the Solution.

Unfortunately, we didn’t market it very well, but the people who did buy it, wrote fine reviews. They seemed to realize much more than they ever anticipated about the attention they got related to their role modeling.

Here’s one e-mail I got:

“Thank you for sending the Attention Workbook. It has so much information to discover that I can hardly wait to dig into it. I mentioned it to a cousin of mine who had less attention than I did and she immediately said, “That’s why I did all those things that brought me negative attention. I didn’t get any attention, if I got good grades, but when I was doing poorly, they all gathered around me!” She’s been in therapy for years, and I’ll bet this is the first time she’s realized what she was doing and why!

Just moments ago, while scanning Facebook, I saw a Post that looks like it’s right out of my book…

There are lots of copies stored away in my son’s attic in Texas. …I sense there’s a call for marketing action here!!!