Awesome Gift from the Sisu Girls Organization

I just got the most amazing gift in the post today, from the Sisu Girls Organization.  Check out out:


Fearless Frosty is about Anna Frost, a mountain runner from New Zealand, who trained hard to achieve her lofty goals, despite being told, as a child, that women could not excel at sports.  This is just one book in the SISUGIRLS series, which will aim to provide young girls with stories about strong female role models.  Sisu Girls, run by Chloe Chick, is still fundraising for this remarkable series, and if you would like to contribute to an amazing campaign, you can donate here at Indie GoGo.  You can support Chloe with a $2 donation, and for $30, you can get your own copy of Fearless Frosty.  

To learn more about Sisu Girls, and the awesome work they're doing, check out their website at