Physically Feeling the Act of Paying Attention...! So a prominent dancer shares:

Dance 4/14/17  NYTimes...

Jose Santos - on being the soloist in "Chaconne" (Dance Theater of Harlem  Dance Company...In conversation with Colin Connor, artistic director of the Limon Company) 'It's impossible to hide in the solo; it has a formality to it that emphasizes line, but it also deals with the idea of building momentum. Mr. Santos said he had to find a way to understand that the positions in the work are more than poses, but feelings.

- "I started paying attention to everything happening around me --- what makes me happy. what makes me sad, what makes me do better, what makes me not be in a bad mood and not do my best," he said. "The solo started unfolding in front of my face. When I perform it, I don't even see anyone else in the room. I've never felt like this ever dancing anything  else. Any dancer should have the chance to do it once...."Every step has to keep being true to what you'r feeling in that moment. It's literally about being a human being and not being afraid to FEEL WHAT YOU FEEL'