I think I'm writing two books now!!!

I've had a running relationship for years with Go Daddy...reserving numerous Domain Names, as I've dived deeper into the subject of ATTENTION... Now that I'm actively involved in re-organizing old files, articles and tons of research, I'm really looking at different ways to communicate what I want my audiences and readers to grasp, grok and own.

There are dimensions to attention....that's for openers. That is how I see it!!! That's worth pondering, I hope!!!

I've been asked to write a book as an expert, using 15 Tips as my content. I'm thinking about this every day and while it's a challenge, I like challenges... The other book is a bigger book with lots of research, illustrations and content...I am still organizing, which means I get to choose lots of content I've saved and haven't seen in years...If I give it a second life, it's got to be especially good!

More to follow...