How The Attention Factor® Increases Productivity in Your Business

Overcome employee inertia! The Attention Factor® makes an immediate and long-term difference in your workplace.

Alice March at the Social Good Summit

Alice March at the Social Good Summit

Do you feel like you can get more out of your business?

In the competitive workplace, people are constantly pressured to increase the quality and quantity of their work.  And while we all want more efficiency and better output, the stresses that leave employees feeling perpetually stretched, pulled, and concerned about their jobs, can easily decrease productivity.


Why The Attention Factor®?


The Attention Factor® Helps: 

  1. Participants experience a new way to view their behavior.
  2. Participants see their jobs, themselves, and their lives form a different point of view.
  3. Participants change how they communicate and interact.

Managers and Employees Discover:

  1. New ways of dealing with corporate change to decrease stress.
  2. More energy at work.
  3. More production, more self-empowerment, more work enjoyment.
  4. Decreased absenteeism.
  5. More effective communication.
  6. Increased employee retention.
  7. Reduced stress claims.

Alice's methods have been tried and tested, with remarkable results and overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Alice on the Sissy Gamache Show

Alice on the Sissy Gamache Show