How The Attention Factor® Benefits Your Family and Relationships

Alice Aspen March continues to speak to parents around the world who can't communicate with their kids without abundant drama, stress, and disconnects.  They have been eager to discover new tools to build new connections with their kids, especially when they've become adults.

Alice quoted in People Magazine

Alice quoted in People Magazine


Parents report changes they never could have imagined!

One family talked for most of the night "to heal their 'outrage'" after they heard March present her work at Rancho La Puerta Spa in Tecate, Mexico.  They were thrilled to finally be talking openly and honestly.


For Children:

Attention and play with adoring adults is what stimulates brain development, according to scientific evidence on brain development from researchers in the fields of neurobiology, psychiatry, sociology, and economics.
— Los Angeles Times, July 3, 2006, "The Greatest Gift."
Iris Grace painting with her cat

Iris Grace painting with her cat

When Arabella Carter-Johnson discovered that her daughter, Iris Grace, was autistic and not developing verbally...

she created a space where she could communicate with herself.  This is the exact kind of loving and positive attention that all parents should provide to their children.  Not only is this girl being allowed to develop at her own pace in a comfortable environment, but the beautiful artwork she creates also gives her parents insights into her perspective.


March reminds people that they have the right to be:

  • Looked at respectfully
  • Listened to
  • Touched appropriately
  • Feel safe

Her audiences discover how to determine when people are present and connected to them with no distractions or hidden agendas.  March gives people permission to recognize and acknowledge their feelings.


People have said, "Your work is truly profound.  Everyone needs to hear you."