The Attention Factor® 
benefits all areas of your life

While The Attention Factor® is the broad name for all of Alice's work,  every one of us feels it, because attention is our core need.  

 Alice gives innovative tools and insights to businesses, organizations, and coaches people to  promote healthier and stress-less lives and environments! 

Alice speaking at the Renaissance Weekend 2013 panel discussion on the root causes of juvenile suicide. (Aspen, Colorado)

Alice speaking at the Renaissance Weekend 2013 panel discussion on the root causes of juvenile suicide. (Aspen, Colorado)

  • Corporate Executives learn a new perspective ways to communicate more effectively with employees, family members, and colleagues.
  • Managers discover tools for more employee retention, higher morale, and increased productivity.
  • Teachers discover how to reach at-risk kids, potential drop outs, and emotionally challenging students.
  • Parents discover an empowering BREAKTHROUGH Perspective for Positive
  • Parenting clearer perspective for parenting... the transformative power of individual attention and one-to-one connection with your children.  Learn how you can help your child improve his or her focus, goals, and motivation.
  • Patients learn how to get their questions answered so they feel cared for, listened to, and safe.
  • Lawyers, doctors, nurses, insurance executives, entrepreneurs, corporate wellness workers, college students, risk managers, and office workers, to spa attendees, fitness enthusiasts, casual vacationers, and cruise ship audiences...

Alice's Mission

Share innovative content that has changed her life and hundreds of others and has resulted in healthier:

connections, relationships, self-empowerment, productivity, honesty, love, happiness, daily joy, more healing hugs!!! LESS STRESS!

Alice presenting in Brussels, Belgium

Alice presenting in Brussels, Belgium

Attention is an energy released through a look, a touch, words or deeds from one person to another, making the other

feel safe, included, supported and special...


feeling scared, excluded, invisible and diminished.


There are only two kinds of attention:

Positive or Negative

Why haven’t we heard this before?
— Alice Aspen March is an entertaining professional speaker and recognized expert on the way attention - good and bad - can affect all of our lives. Affectionately known as "The Attention Lady", she has been on a mission to create a world where people get the kind of attention they need and want.

What Alice Has Achieved

Alice Aspen March has given worldwide key-note addresses, staff trainings, workshops, and seminars.  She has participated on various work and education panels in New Zealand, Belgium, Greece, and Mexico, in addition to many in the United States.  She's worked with thousands of people from various occupations and demographics.  

Alice has a warm and engaging style that resonates with audiences of all ages.  Participants worldwide have consistently asked her, "Why haven't we heard this before?"